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Striving to the perfection to achieve your goals.

Our main strength, the trait we're proud of. We are a passionate and smart company which helps you to deliver the best customer service from your business making the process efficient and effective.

Performance Optimisation

The faster it will load the better user experience you will provide.
The performance optimisation is important to make sure you don't lose users and potential customers. The more they wait the less chance there are for them to come back on a product which is not responding to their needs.
Our team is highly specialised in performance optimisation and can help you with all the bottlenecks you might have.

DevOps Consulting

Get advices and/or direct implementation on how to become an high performing company. Implement the DevOps approaches to improve communication and collaboration, get an happier and more productive team, faster and continuous delivery of features, more stability and less complexity.

Bleeding Technologies

Use cutting edge technologies to give the most out of the product.
Using the right technology is the most difficult choice but once made is the best choice in term of quality of the product and functionalities that it can deliver.
Our team is highly skilled in different technologies, in a wide set of fields, and can help you with all the design question you might have.


Make the application less prone to maintenance will save time and money.
Given that time is money and most of the time legacy code means waste of time, there is a waste of money as well.
Keeping the legacy code and the software maintainability to low values is just good for your business.
Our team is highly skilled in development processes and their optimisation and can help you with all the issues you might have.

We provide outstanding services for all clients and partners.


Go Proxy Cache

Simple Reverse Proxy with Caching, written in Go, using Redis.
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10x Software Engineer Academy

10x Software Engineer Learning Path - Curated contents for software engineers.
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Nginx & Lua

Nginx 1.19+ with LUA support based on Alpine Linux, Amazon Linux, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu.
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Developer's Learning Path

Developer's Learning Path | List of great resources.
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Code Challenge Review Checklist

Checklist of aspects for interview coding challenge.
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